About Foster and Monroe LLC

Based in Orchard Park, New York, Foster and Monroe LLC collects past due funds for a variety of banking institutions and other creditors. The company manages prelitigation portfolios with the goal of recovering funds before attorneys become involved. Thanks to the efforts of Foster and Monroe LLC, many debtors have met their financial obligations and avoided lasting damage to their credit. Furthermore, the company conducts all transactions in full compliance with privacy policies and maintains a secure location for remittances for the benefit of both debtors and clients.

Foster and Monroe LLC offers the professional expertise of a company dedicated to collections full time. It addresses each debtor with respect and keeps clients up to date on the progress of collections. Experienced in skip tracing and the effective use of employment history, public records, and asset tracking, the company earns the trust of clients by bringing hidden information to light and securing funds owed in a professional manner. Foster and Monroe LLC is currently working toward nationwide and global expansion while growing its client base to include law firms and medical offices.

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